Monday, February 19, 2018


Our Spiritual Director (SD), Rev Fr Joseph Nathan, a Franciscan Friar, preparing for Mass in a side altar of the Church. It was the noisiest Mass I have ever attended - with curious onlookers peering in, almost pandemonium with the crowds lining up to enter the Holy Sepulchre and others joining in the celebration. But, he managed.

A wall mural depicting the embalming of Jesus for His burial.

A view of the Golden Dome of the Rock within Jerusalem City.

Pilgrims and tourists waiting to enter the Church of the Nativity. We had to queue three hours to see the Crib and the Star of Bethlehem marking the spot was Jesus was born.  

In the Church, after viewing the Star of Bethlehem and the Crib. O' Holy Night once more!

The Golden Mercy Gate of Jerusalem which was sealed by Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Great. According to Jewish beliefs, Jesus on His Second Coming will enter Jerusalem by this gate, hence under the 1852 Mandate, the Sultan ordered this gate to be sealed.

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