Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Jeju House, located next to O'Sulloc Tea Museum, is a place that will surely attract women. That's where renowned Korean cosmetics, specifically the Innesfree brand, are sold. And, it's a convenient stop especially after the women have visited the tea museum. Some of the cosmetics on offer are showcased here.

The women will take a closer look at these.

The ever elusive Sanbangsan (Mount Sanbang) which I couldn't capture twice as the top was always covered with clouds and fog, caused by the rainy weather. On the first occasion, as we drove from Soegwipo westwards on the Coastal Road, we were prevented from driving on the foot of the mountain as the road was closed due to the rain. There are many walking and hiking trails here.

This feature juts out into the sea. The formation is also the result of volcanic activity and there are tuff lines formed which appear as though each layer of tuff is stacked on the other below.

This is commonly found along the coast. The vendor is cutting and cleaning some type of sea slugs which are then cooked and consumed with Soju, a kind of rice wine.

The red lighthouse on the pier.

Another shot of the pier with the red lighthouse.

No one would want to swim on this beach. As such lava type rocks are common on the island, people even use them as bricks to make boundary fences in their properties.

A neat pile of stones resembling the "Jeju stoneman".

A few more stacks of stones.

Looks like a fish farm to me. Wind turbines harness wind energy along stretches of the coast.

A slice of cake and beverages offered at a cafe run by a famous K-Pop personality.

The cafe run by G-Dragon, a member of K-Pop band Big Bang in Aewol. The place was well patronised by young people which kinda made me feel out of sync there.

Another cafe run by perhaps a lesser known Korean personality?

The World Cup Stadium in Jeju where games were played when S Korea and Japan co-hosted the World Cup in 2002. Will this stadium be used again if S Korea succeeds in its 2022 World Cup bid to be host.

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