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This is the main street of Medujorge, a village in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in which 32 years ago, the Virgin Mary first appeared to six visionaries bringing messages for the world to pray, fast and do penance in order that there may be peace in the world. I was 'invited' by our Lady, who addressed herself as the Queen of Peace, with my family there in the late 80's and I was back again with my Madam on 24 Nov and 15 others on a pilgrimage-cum-holiday here and to other parts of Eastern (Middle) Europe.The labels below give an idea of the countries and places we visited. For Marian apparitions in Medjujorje, visit

The Parish Church of St James. St James co-incidentally is the Patron Saint of pilgrims. Some of the apparitions have taken place here. Millions of pilgrims continue to flock here throughout the year thereby bringing much change to the simple village.

The demand for space has resulted in an addition of this structure to the back of the church. Many seats are added in the open too. Confession boxes around the church have also been added. 

My Madam with our Spiritual Director, Rev Fr Joseph Nathan, from the Church of St Mary of the Angels, posing with a statue of Our Lady.

Juliana, our guide, giving a briefing before we climbed Apparitions Hill where the Blessed Virgin appeared to the visionaries often.

One of the seven hills surrounding the village.

Climbing up and down the hill is made difficult by the sharp protruding rocks. On the way up, the Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries) is prayed to make it more profound. This has been an addition since my first pilgrimage.

The Blue Cross is the spot where our Lady would meet the young visionaries when the communist police were after them. The original Blue Cross made of wood was burnt. This one made of metal has replaced it.

This old house opposite the Blue Cross has remained as I remember it. As Medujorge has advanced economically, such houses are hard to come by now.

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