Saturday, November 30, 2013


The Synagogue Restaurant in the Jewish Quarter. The synagogue is opposite it.

The "Orchard Road" of Prague leading to the Town Square. Both sides are lined with shops selling branded stuff reportedly cheaper than in Paris.

The Prague Town Square Astronomical Clock built by a mathematician in 1410, is of Gothic design and still running. Every hour, it will chime and figurines can be seen in the 2 windows. 'Cos everyone is looking up, pick-pockets usually have a field day then.

They asked their teacher before agreeing to let me take this pic. So cute and bubbly.

Alfresco dining outlets around the Town Square.

Buildings around the Town Square

She spent 15 minutes trying to talk her way out to no avail.

Seems a good deal for those who can gobble.

A make-shift market near the Town Square.

Shot of the Town Square from the make-shift market.

One of several fruit stalls in the market. Op hrs are 1000 - 1700 hrs.

I spied on this pay mobile toilet. Free toilets are a luxury. I paid 1 Euro ($1.70) for a pee in a coffee shop.

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